bank account number是什么意思

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bank account number是什么意思
bank account number是什么意思

bank account number是什么意思
Consumers sign up by providing a bank accountnumber and a fingerprint.

bank account number是什么意思 Bank/Alipay account number是什么意思 翻译:Bank/Alipay account number Account Name Name of Bank Account No (Swift Address CHIPS UID Number Telex Number ACCOUNT No 和BANK NUMBER分别什么意思啊 求翻译 number of the separate project bank account 英语翻译Financial Institution Name:Bank Address:Name of Bank Account:SWIFT Code:BSB Number (if applicable):Account Number:Intermediate Bank Name:Intermediate Bank SWIFT Code: Bank Account Holder Name是公司名称?还是申请卡人? bank assited open account是什么的付款方式 请问这几句英文是啥意思?Can you give me your full bank account number and company address please?To be sure they will transfer money to you I would visit them after you send me your bank account and address,just to make sure that if cklick 英语翻译BANK COMFORT LETETERTo be completed on buyer's bank letterheadDate:BANK NAME:ADDRESS:TELEPHONE:FAX:SWIFT:TELEX:IBAN:ACCOUNT NUMBER:ACCOUNT NAME:To the seller's mandate:Franco—Standart LLCWe,(XXXXXXBANK NAME AND A Real Account Number 是什么意思 英语翻译What is your IBAN and what is the description of the account name belonging to that International Bank Account Number? bank to bank ledger account是什么意思啊, BANK A/C 这是缩写 全称又是什么呢顺便翻译一下ACCOUNT BANK:ACCOUNT NO.:ACCOUNT NO.:和BANK A/C:有什么区别呢比如我现在要做一份PI 那上面的BANK A/C:后面该填什么呢?ACCOUNT BANK:ACCOUNT NO.:后面 Bank Id Number是什么意思 number of 和 account of 区别the number of 和the account of 区别怎么用错了不是 account of ,是 the amount of 一道英文的Java编程题目Create a program that uses variables and methods to read some informationabout a bank customer and handle his/her account.The information thatshould be read is namn,address,phone number and account number.Theinformation