It's six forty-five.(同义句转换)

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It's six forty-five.(同义句转换)
It's six forty-five.(同义句转换)

It's six forty-five.(同义句转换)
It's a quarter to seven.(七点差一刻钟.)

It's fifteen to seven.

It's a quarter to seven
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It's fifteen to seven

It's six forty-five.(同义句转换) It's six forty-five.(同义句转换) It's nine forty-five. It’s nine forty-five 中文是什么 what time isit?It's forty-five^ What time is it?It's forty-five( )( ). it‘s eleven forty-five(同义句)谢谢了, it's twelye forty-five now 同义句 It's eight forty-five .(改同义句) It’s seven forty-five.(同义句转换) it's four forty - five ( 同义句 )dsws It′s five fifty-five.That is to say,It′s--------- A.five to six B.six to five C.five past fiveDfive past six 1.What time does she get up?【改为同义句】------ does she get up?2.I usually eat dinner at six o' six o'clock.画线 [对画线部分提问] 3.It's nine forty-five.nine forty-five.画线[对画线本分提问] 4.It's a funny time forty-five million,five hundred and six thousand是多少 判断哪个是正确的英语时间what's the time,pls.It is __A.nine thirty - five B.forty-eight past six C..fifty-five to four D.thirty-one two.哪个是正确的时间, 并说明理由6.---What’s the time now?---It’s ____.A.forty-two to five B.thirty-one past nineC.six forty D.three to seven7.There are ____ students at the sports meeting.A.tens of thousands of B.five hundreds ofC.several hundred of D.five thousa 同义句原句now it is six forty five 同义句now it is ____ ____ ______ _____ The library in the school isn’t large.There’re only _books in it.A.six thousand,five hundred and forty-one B.six thousands and five hundreds and forty-oneC.six thousands,five hundred forty and oneD.six thousand,five hundreds and fourth-one