write down your opinions on healthy eating写几个句子

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write down your opinions on healthy eating写几个句子
write down your opinions on healthy eating

write down your opinions on healthy eating写几个句子
I think I am very healthy because I have a pretty
good eating habit.I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.Although I love junk food very much,I only eat it once a week.I know it is bad for my healthy.And I never eat coffee or chocolate, although they are delicious.Do you think it is a healthy eating habit?
As the saying goes: "Hunger breeds discontent." Today's society, many of the hotel where they stand, rush from a variety of cuisine, in Fujian, Sichuan, Guangdong, Shandong . dishes outside of Italy, French, Japanese cuisine, Korean food and so on. We all know that health is to do anything for money, health is closely connected with the food. Today, we take a look at the food on the table now. Food is divided into many kinds of vegetables and fruit, beans, meat, cereals, dairy categories, such as fat. Combination of these categories into a food pyramid, all affect our health. Therefore, in order to achieve a reasonable meals with more vegetables, fruits, less meat, fat category. Cereals-based food, may be an appropriate increase in beans, dairy products category, and we have to remember that eating only eight full meals, not being choosy food anorexia, can not be overeating, eating clean food is most important.
In food, contain a people's health play an important role in the elements - vitamins. Vitamins are divided into A, B, C, D. Different vitamins have different functions. Vitamin A is usually in red, black, more food, such as carrots, black beans and so on. Its main function is to protect the eyes, can be used to protect their eyesight, the treatment of night blindness and other evidence of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables often, it is conducive to the treatment of scurvy, skin diseases. The discovery also has a story: a ship adrift at sea for several days, many sailors have had scurvy, one of a very serious disease, abandoned on a desert island. This after a number of sailors to eat lemons, did not expect that scurvy disappeared. The news of a spread of 100. Lemon after scientists found a large quantity of vitamin C, used to treat disease scurvy. Vitamin B, D and there are many functions, not in this more. Of course, we should pay attention: do not mix in some food to eat, in order to avoid danger. Such as shrimp and vitamin C at the same time can not eat, crabs can not eat persimmons with .