seasonai affective disorder的意思拜托了!应该是seasonal affective disorder

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seasonai affective disorder的意思拜托了!应该是seasonal affective disorder
seasonai affective disorder的意思
应该是seasonal affective disorder

seasonai affective disorder的意思拜托了!应该是seasonal affective disorder
SAD 季节性情绪失调.
也叫做 "冬季忧郁症",是一种感情的,或者情绪的失调.大多数的 SAD 患者在一年的大部分时间都有良好的健康状态,但冬季或者夏季会感到忧郁的症状.在热带,SAD即便存在也很少见.但在北纬 30 度以北或者南纬 30 度以南,SAD显著存在.



seasonai affective disorder的意思拜托了!应该是seasonal affective disorder affective factor是什么意思 bipolar affective disorder是什么意思 seasonal affective disorder的意思快!我在线! Look up the dictionary and find the meaning of “seasonal affective disorder”是什么意思 Look up the dictionary ang find the meating of seasonal affective disorder什么意思 速求seasonal affective disorder的意思快,回答后给分. 英语中adj可以修饰adj?she read about seasonal affective disorder.这句话里seasonal和affective都是adj英语中adj可以修饰adj么?she read about seasonal affective disorder.这句话里seasonal和affective都是adj,这对么? 翻译According to the nature of the affective response evoked in the mother There is a feeling which is defeated by the time.there is an affective losing out to time. Negative aretaic judgments presuppose judgments about the viciousness of some conative or affective求翻译aretaic是什么意思 下面这句话是什么意思?[16]Oliver,Richard.L.Cognitive,Affective,and Attribute Bases of the Satisfaction Response.Journal of Consumer Research,1993,20(12) Their efforts to improve the production have been very _________,and they have been praised by theA.effectiveB.efficientC.effectD.affective答案是那个 seasonal affective disorder是什么病?找了好多辞典都找不到!直译是叫“季节性情感错乱”,可这好像不是一种病,该怎么翻译啊? seasonal affective disorder 、seasonal affective disorder (季节性精神失调)天气似乎好起来了!可是心情却是糟糕透了!我不知道怎样能调节回来!真的崩溃!我也不想!不想乱发脾气可是似乎调整不回来似 英语翻译例如:Attachment/affective commitment refers toan emotional bond and sense of belonging(Delgado-Ba Hester and Munuera-Aleman,2001)and has been viewed as a prerequisite forcustomer loyalty to occur (Dick and Basu,1994 —cited in Bloeme 英语翻译These dimensions are many and various.Affective factors such as learners’ personalities can influence the degree of anxiety they experience and their preparedness to take risks in learning and using an L2.Learners’ preferred ways of l 英语翻译注意:是超心理学中的意思1.Two variants of psi are precognition(conscious cognitive awareness)and premonition(affective apprehension)of a future event that could not otherwise be anticipatedthrough any known inferential process