How to estabish business relationship的文章 3000字全英文急

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How to estabish business relationship的文章 3000字全英文急
How to estabish business relationship的文章 3000字全英文

How to estabish business relationship的文章 3000字全英文急
How to Establish Long Term Relationships in Business
Posted: Jan 21, 2009
Copyright (c) 2009 Alan Gillies
The escalation of globalization and the intense competition have suddenly made small business possibilities much more desirable. With quite a few large organizations being unable to rapidly restructure in our evolving market, a higher percentage of small businesses with their inherent flexibility and capacity to change are taking hold of a sizeable slice of the market share.
The methods of small business expansion are very different from their large organization counterparts. Large organizations have the financial resources to rapidly expand, improving their existing facilities, buying new facilities, and widely distributing all of their products. On the other hand, small businesses rarely have any of these options, therefore they need to search for other possibilities which are cost effective yet still ensure an increase in revenue. Small businesses can ensure their success - and their future, by continuously strengthening their relationship with their customers. Although this process is a gradual one, with time it will ensure long term relationships, profitable for the small business while useful and fulfilling for the customers - thereby distributing benefits to all.
- When you make promises, always keep them - Businesses which haven't yet made their mark in their industry can't afford to make suppliers wait for the money nor can they make customers wait for the products. The key is to not allow such situations to occur and affect your business, therefore "Make Promises and Keep Them". This will build trust among partners and customers, ensuring long term relationships with everyone involved.
- Prudent use of money - Instead of spending money on expensive PR activities or other image building affairs, spend it on cost effective activities like direct response marketing. With this system you can clearly see the relationship between the expenses and the benefits that have been achieved.
- Define the ground you wish to build on, e.g. service, quality or price - Don't attempt to apply an approach used by larger businesses, choose your own way and specialize - without compromise. This will make all the difference in keeping your small business on track and focused toward its objectives.
- Hard work has always been necessary, but if you're really looking for an edge to get ahead, "work smarter, not harder".
- Try to get more business cards than you give - Attend seminars and conferences to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in your industry. Be excited about your work and be really positive in your communication - this will result in very valuable referrals.
- Only accept deals which you can fulfill to the highest standard, on time and at your agreed cost - Small businesses should avoid risky contracts for big payouts. If the final product doesn't meet the necessary standards, it can be a disaster for everyone involved, causing havoc with your company image.
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