work with the now的翻译!急需啊!quan wen !

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work with the now的翻译!急需啊!quan wen !
work with the now的翻译!
quan wen !

work with the now的翻译!急需啊!quan wen !
一般有加双引号:work with the "now" .
标准译法是 把握现在 .

把握现在!seize the time, seize the oppotunity

work with the now的翻译!急需啊!quan wen ! I now use the Google Tool for all of my work,but with Micro Niche Finder.邦我翻译一下.but在本句中表达的意思. The teacher together with his students______(work)happily now. The teacher together with his students______(work)happily now. Do you want to work with a robot in the future 的翻译 All radio presenters begin work with the same question的翻译 We should not rest satisfied with the work.怎么翻译? I helped out with the secretarial work 求翻译 那个that干嘛的 看不出是从句啊Now that we've all introduced ourselves to the new members,let's get down to work.翻译下面两句话let's get on with it and turn to the first order of business.let's get down to work 初中英语the storm ___(be)over and we can go on with our work now the computer not work now.动词的适当形式 只求翻译这段话中MAP一个词的意思?The walls that were once ugly with graffiti(涂鸦)are now covered with beautiful pictures of historical heroes and modern art, thanks to the Mural Arts Program (MAP). Its work makes schools and publi With the rising price of water and drought now facing much of theUnited States during the summer nonths.的翻译 变成一般疑问句(没把握的别答) We must finish the work now.____ you_____ the work now? ( )we have finished the work,we will start another work.A Now that B By now为什么选A而不选B,A与B在翻译看起来都象准确的? 英语翻译Now you have raw materials that you can begin to work with using the critical mind that you've persuaded to sit on the side and watch quietly.句子结构分析下,再翻译下 the computer not work now.(not work的适当形式) 你想出的策略还真管用.(翻译) The srategy ______ you come up with did work