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最简单又最搞笑的英语笑话 She is only five ,but she can sing ____ fifty B.about C.from D.with 各位哥哥姐姐谁能告诉我怎么记英语才能记的快,记的印象深吗?希望大家提些建议"-" 英语六级改错都有哪几种错误类型 我背古文都很快,可是英语要怎样记忆? 速求 用一般现在时 一般过去时一般将来时 过去将来时 对do homework造句并改成被动句 大学英语 英语CET4级 详细解释一下第50空,第51空 详细说明从who 一直到break-大学英语英语CET4级 详细解释一下第50空,第51空 详细说明从who 一直到break-ins这个句子是什么意思?句子成分和语法,详 大学英语 英语CET4级 第51空 详细说明从who 一直到break-i大学英语英语CET4级 详细说明从who 一直到break-ins这个句子是什么意思?亲 英语CET4级 第51空 50是scare,第51是account 英语CET4级 50是scare,第51是account详细说明从who 一直到break-ins这个句子是什么意思?亲 no,it isn`t _______(I)正确形式填空 七年级英语and\but\so填空Peter is my best friend _____ he comes to visit me each year.I'm interested in collecting coins ____ I have collected fifty ons.My father is busy ___ he can't go swimming with me.Tina invited many friends to co Linda is my s_____,she's only five years old. 1.She is only five,but she can sing _______fifty B.about C.from D.with2.That's _______hat,;a B.a;one C.a;a;one She is only five years old and this is the first gift _____her.用什么介词?上文说的是她妹妹给他了一张卡片作为礼物、这里用什么介词呢? i don't want to live the day without you i just want to be the one who makes you happy happy 是什麽 She is only putting on.的意思. 英语 六级 改错British people dont drink as much tea as they use to,but Great Britain still takes almost twenty percent of all world exports of the commodity.the world largest producers of tea are Indea,China,and Sri Lanka.答案说最后一句 一个英语笑话 由荷花的品质过渡到人这来,写一段话人在社会中怎么样 求一则英语笑话要搞笑的 用“有的……有的……有的……”句型写一段话,四十字以上,要求描写景物的一个特点.用“有的……有的……有的……”句型写一段话,40字以上,要求描写景物的一个特点. 一则英语笑话要长一点,最好有翻译.最好要长一点,最好有翻译. You need only three things to be happy, something to do, someone to love andsomething __________. A. to wish B. to hope for C. prepared for D. asked forwhich one is right? why?thanks! at that time she was only a five years old girl.或者是she was only a girl five years old. if you truely love someone,the one thing you for her is to be happy,谁帮我理解下,中文.急 假如你是北京一所中学的学生叫夏雨,你的笔友Luile来询问北京一年里的天气状况.请你写信告诉她.不少于80在你信中要包括如下要点:Spring:warm,shortSummer:hot,humid,often rain,swimmingAutumn:cool,dry,work w Why liked the heart in me loving you only then to me saying that you could not give me to be happy. 怎样才能很快的背英语 I want to say you,You are my only love .I believe we can happy forever是什I want to say you,You are my only love .I believe we can happy forever 填过去式(think---) 谁有英语笑话,短一点了好笑了简单点了,我要上台请了,本人太爱国的.英语白痴 我想知道一些英语笑话,短一点,简单一点就可以了,