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骁字组三个词这个字的拼音是xiao怎样组三个词?还有一个甫(fu)字,也组三个词,麻烦个位帮帮忙! 骁可以组什么词 I have some eggs for dinner.此句中的for dinner 在句子中充当什么成分? We have (chicken) for dinner.(对括号部分提问) _____ do you _____ for dinner? How many children read this book?有没有错误的地方? 玩重力眩晕的感觉不晕的有几个人?目测三次元中除了我之外没一个幸存.感觉不晕的举个手, 根据句意写出词语:形容受窘或发急.( ) 歇后语:染缸里落白布----[ ]要把谐音也给我 根据句意写词语,形容困苦或受窘得样子形容困苦或受窘得样子 There is some ( ) in the fridge.A,chickens B,vegetable C,salad D,cabbages he's spare and olderly dances have both mystified and mesmerize audience for more than a there is some cabbages in the sink.这句语法对吗 1.Lisa and I both have emails now,so we can communicate more r________. 海上一只鸟,跟著船儿跑,冲浪去捉鱼,不怕大风暴.猜谜语 铁片,夹子,开瓶器的阻力点,用力点,支点在哪里 spend an hour doing sth.和spend an hour to do sth.哪个对? 开啤酒时,开瓶器与啤酒盖的支点在哪里?(杠杆原理) i need to buy ___food,for my goldfish.A.more fishesB.more some fishesC.many more fishD.some more fish what did the policeman come from 用英语翻译 宋词作者乘骁在诗中诗句"茅屋人静 棚窗烛暗"是什么意思? what gose upp must come down,don't let me I walked to work last friday.该否定句,一般疑问句,肯定答语,否定答语. Come on,what Heaven!Do not torment I walked to work last Friday改为否定句.一般疑问句. I spend 50 minutes doing my homework every day改为同义句I spend ______ ______an hour doing my homework every day快回答我 He enjoys black tea and green tea.A to drink B drinks C drinking D drinkHe enjoys _____ black tea and green tea “指征”的定义是什么 I do not like this shirt because it is too thin for me同义句I ____ _____this shirt because it isnit large enough for me 什么叫本征频率?其含义是什么? 古代诗句中含月字的上下句 “青鸟” 有什么含义和像征? a visit to this Farm is not the usual sort of visit because where practical I ask you to help me.请翻译一下,另不太明白这个句子的语法.