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英语翻译With O2 sensing turned off,adjust K Constant until low load AFR’s are correct (don’t touch K if you are using std AFM and injectors).Check that IGN maps are “safe” (ie:take a few degrees out in high load areas).Perform initial ful I often _the zoo in my free time.A.visit B.buy C.go D.play理由说明... did you find ___ impossible for him to tell the trueA、thisB、itC、that D、what I like pandas________(well)in the zoo 英语翻译针对这个问题我要写篇论文 l know but we do it soon翻译中文谢您谢! what happeed to sb与what happened on sb有什么区别?昨天有个题给的答案用to,怎么一样的题答案又选onWhat happened ____ you?选的是to而今天遇到个题What happened _____ you last night?怎么给的答案又是选on呢?注: 苏伊士运河是什么洲和什么分界线初一地理填充图册P12 The people后用is或are? the people 作为人民后面is还是are Do you know the American (s ) friends?Yes.It's funny. Do you know the same _____ you friend?A.atB.about C.of how a person can work hard to make the world a better place.翻译下 what sb.did与what did sb.do 如果地震了你被埋在废墟下 你首先想到的什么 Long years of hard work made______possible for him to enter a key university in Bingjing.A.that B.this C.which D.it “I know you have already had a boy friend”翻译成中文怎么说? good heaven few.people后面用is还是are A man died.He had been a good man so he wen___Heaven.Saint Peter .这是一篇短文后面还有,找一找,填一填.急 for people who are/isfor people who European culture,there are seven museums.A.is interested in B.are interested in什么时候用who is/are good heaven heavens-You didn't get hurt at all in the traffic accident?-Good heavens no.I was a lucky dog. people后面到底加is还是are will you tell the story or won't you? Does Lily many foreign friends?A.have B.has C.having D.had I will tell you a story ( )rain -Do you have any friends in this city.-No,I( )came to this city.always,hardly ever,never,usually,sometimes I will tell _____the story.填什么?详情见问题补充.I will tell _____ story.(他)我不知道是填him还是his.如果填him句子怎么翻译?如果填his,句子又要怎么理解呢? to tell you the true?to tell you the true作为连接词什么意思?大哥大姐啊,已经是连接词了,别弄得翻译出来了自己都觉得别扭啊o(╯□╰)o! If he () me I will tell him the turth.A.will askB.asksC.askedD.ask 1---To tell you the true,you----to won the first prize in the comptition.请解答 David has a great time in the zoo(改为同意句)David ( ) ( ) in the zoo.there some people in the park.(变一般疑问句)()()()in the park?