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possess啥意思 Everyone passed the text besides Peter.这句话的besides为什麽错了?语法哪里错了 He called the polite __ them about the accident .A.tell B.telling tell D toldRT 这句话怎么翻译成英语? Do not be afraid ()the dog and it was not hurt you.介词填空,用初一下学期第五单元知识点.急紧急! 英语翻译.“能够听懂指示语,并按要求做出相应的动作.”这句用英语怎么说? 英文快离开这里,get 爱里 here是吗,爱里是一个什么单词呢,我是音译的 滚开英文怎么说?有个get here 发音如题 补发四六级成绩证明要多久时间? 我会一直爱你直到你离开 英文英文怎么说? 补发四六级成绩证明可以用快递吗,急 His brother is a cashier in a shop.对a cashier in a shop提问,要两种方法 Many volunteers are taking part in the construction of the library,which,when.Many volunteers are taking part in theconstruction of the library,which,when _________,will open to the be finished B.finished C.finishing D.having beenfinished Here is just a beginning,Discovering麻烦帮忙翻译下, 增强语感听什么英语磁带好 There are five____in our class.A.Zhang's B.Zhangs' C.Zhangs D.The Zhangs 为什么选C,选D不行吗? 求丢手绢作文 There are five _____ in our class.A.Zhang's B.There are five _____ in our class.A.Zhang's B.Zhangs'C.ZhangsD.The Zhangs Sand lake My world's nothing when you 丢手绢想法 What is the latest you can call Japan另外这是个选择题,I have only until four o'clock 每天听英语磁带半小时可以提高语感吗? as it is reported 还是 as is reported能帮我讲一下哪一个是对的吗谢谢 ( )What a poor dog!It_______A death B dies Cdead D is dying( )Let's hurry up____we can get to school in time Aas B for C because Dso 我是山姆英文影评不需要太长,比较急, Ice Cube的《The Birth》 歌词 电影 我是山姆 我在写观后感,请问各位怎么写结尾啊? He usually works five days a week from Monday to Friday.Sometimes he woks on Saterdays ( )Sundays.是填and还是or? 求电影《我是山姆》里面的一首英语歌.歌词好像是“.give back home,"具体时间在山姆去女律师家,途中,山姆在车上睡着了.歌曲响了起来求 具体歌名 歌手 He s___ at school five days a week.补充单词 I can around the world in a few minutes ,speak to people from all over the world ,and find things quickly 翻译汉语