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美国国旗最初是13星旗,最后逐步演变为今天的13条50星,这种变化反映了 HARRY!help me to exolain an english math question有谁能帮我翻译一下You have to make a square_bottomed.Unlidded box with a height of three inches and a volume of approximately 42 cubic inches.You will be taking a piece of cardboard,Cutting th That's cool. it is impolite to at others空在 impolite 后,s开头一个单词 美国国旗的50多个星代表50多个州,请问那50多个州是50多个国家不?如果不是那其中有没有国家? 假如给我三天光明和爱的教育哪个好看?(要自己看过的) 求英语作文,按照题目来,最近你校校园网上出现了一个英语帖子,意在了解同学们的体育技能、艺术特长和科技创新能力等方面的发展情况,请你以下雨为网名针对以上方面回帖,内容包括以下 evalution.中文意思 题目为我变了的英语作文初三水平 the,walk,I,the,man,see,young,river,by,often 连词成句 七年级语文下册的所有古诗和生字 “offers to BUY和offers to sell“这两段英文是什么意思? 造句1go thought 2in order 3it is……that 4it was……that buy offers & sell offers哪个是“供”,哪个是“求”?作为供货商,我要发布信息的话,应该发布buy offers 还是sell offers?buy offers=buy leads,sell offers=sell leads,我之前发消息在sell offers,可是某天收到个消息 用Thought造句 (翻译一下下)谢啦····急求! 用be happy with 翻译这句话,我很满意你给我的礼物 what i Want to learn is something new about computer programming.我知道它的意思,但是不知道为什么能这样写,帮我分析下, it's impolite to laugh at ( ) disabled( )填 a an the 不填 空is wise to learn something about germany beforegoing thereA.One B.It C.This D.That __you read a book half an hour__A.Did;ago B.Were;before C.Did;before D.Were;ago 有learn doing 等于learn to do sth 找一首歌,女歌手,歌词有:this love is ours,my heart is yours,song foy you,used to speak. 用一根52cm长的木条,正好可以做一个长6cm,宽4cm,高是多少cm的长方形木框. Let's play computer games______.A .for while b.for while c.for a minutes d.a while --Can I play computer games for a while, mom?---___. Remember work must comecome first.A.Better not B.Go ahead C.Not at all. D.It doesn't matter. Do you prefer bananas ______apples?-----ApplDo you prefer bananas ______apples?-----Apples.I think.A.to B.or C.than D.and Do you want apples or oranges?这里的apple和orange为什么要加s,若是换成Do you want any apple or orange?这里加不加s?我还不太懂? I like readingpicture-books改为一般疑问句 if you compare the former with the latter(同义句) ___ ____ ____ _____ _____ 英语四级的A B 卷不同的地方在哪里?、 need,the,us,teacher,teach,day,to,English,every连词成句 Listen to the song here in my heart.A melody I start but can't complete