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“ate”可否取代“eight”? 脑筋急转弯1、If you had ten apples and ate eight,how mang would you have?2、A police officer had a brother,but the broher had no brother.How could that be?3、Why dose a cat look first to one side and then to the other side when it enters a ro who is ____boy in a black hat? 和We often play___football虽然我初一英语学得很棒,但是现在没看都忘了,第一句横线上我是填the,第二句横线上我填a,对吗?请解释一下,麻烦.另外福州2014年中考的独生子女加 原文是He usually plays football 判断是He often plays football,这个是对是错啊? _______has theplayer taken part in world competitions?I have no idea.A 、How many times B、 How long C,How soon D、How much 为什么? 英语介绍残疾名人邰丽华 What is the difference between 'have brought' and 'have taken'? 形容邰丽华的名人名言要贴切,不要一大段,一两句就行了 I would greatly appreciate anything you can do. litter都有什么意思 need not have a litter love 是什么意思?! 英语翻译:“请把这些划线部分的文字翻译成英文,” litter 兽医学中翻译 be on a visit to She ( )up early.A.like getting B.likes getting C.like get D.likes get feel的用法,它后面可以加名词吗,可以用形容词替换吗 My brother is the boy wearing glass.这个句子对吗还是My brother is the boy with glass.正确要说出为什么!1 What have you done recently? 请问,昆明哪里有英语口语小班? What have you done recently?要10句 关于桑兰的成语 ______workers have taken part in the skrike.A.The number of B.A quantity ofC.A good many D.A great many of 桑兰用什么成语来形容?至少两个!还有九色鹿用什么成语来形容?至少两个! 如何有效地提升初中英语听力?跪求好的训练或答题方法, 改错:Mr White and Mr Black are in different shop 勤能补拙笨鸟先飞这两个成语让我明白了什么道理 “翊”这个字粤语音怎么读 You are supposed to have taken part in the party in time.这里为什么与有用to have done 我是女生,想起一个发音类似jiawei 或者wei的英文名,不要太多见的,请写上含义, ochildren will think their parents should do () and won’t like cleaning the room after they find ajob.() doing chores can help children start good habits,parents should () children to do some chores.A.chores B.homework C.shopping D.readingA.While B ssschildren will think their parents should do chores and won’t like cleaning the room after theyfind a job.翻译