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平型关大捷是谁指挥?请具体说明, she aways sings ( )she walks along填连词 she sings___.习题书上的答案给的都是very good,但是我觉得应该用very well,因为应该用副词well修饰动词sing, we are watering the flower.we don't have had any rain for two months.(改为compound sentence) we wanted to grow up,but when we became a older man,we don't have such nice life as wish.这句话感觉很别扭,那错了,几个地方错了 有won't you?的反义疑问句,肯定回答用什么 I am one of the chosen people from 如题 在反义疑问句中,有没有用“won't you”的?什么时候?请举例. The Chosen One是救世主的意思吗 one's you know a school you can let me know through myyou know a school you can let me know through my> mobile phone.thanks and have a wonderful time. I don't want to have the question of what to furnish our room with ____about any more.为什么是过去分词. 这句话对么,don't know which kind of coffee can wake me up mostly,could you recommend one? to swim in Kunming Lake is a great pleasure在昆明湖里游泳是非常愉快的事这里的to swim改成swimming行吗?in Kunming Lake是地点壮语,能做主语吗?把great换成very行吗?整句改成swimming is a very pleasure in Kunming Lake. 英语 填动词适当形式 Do you find it any use _______ (argue) with such a boneheaded person?Each of us has a role _______ (play) in society.Whom will you have _______ (attend) the counseling meeting? 固体熔化时,其温度()A.一定上升B.一定不变C.可能上升也可能不变D.以上说法都不对 through that we can know lots of knowledge.怎么读 把钥匙给我 用英语翻译一下(要词组) You can Use c( ) to eat,but you can't use them to drink括号里可以填什么 As (time) passes 翻译为什么不用days.times.monthss 填相同的动词 什么时候whatever=no matter that 怎么分别.有什么特点. 爱是动词么? How to control diabetes and its complications?State some known methods. 有没有through them out 这样的说法?William:Ah,are you Li?OK.Well,I’ve got my box of cards here.Li:Oh wow!That’s huge!How many have you got there?William:Oh many many cards.I should through them out but I can’t.So let’s startoff by look The country tried to control unreasonable housing prices,_____ some experts say are creatingmore problems.A.whichB.whyC.whenD.where 劝学 荀子 朗读 用the way to+地点造三个短语 仓鼠是如何交配的?40字以上,不要离题! 仓鼠交配我家新买了2只仓鼠,可它们有交配的样子,但过了一会它们好像交配完了以后,母仓鼠先在滚轮上呆呆的缩成一团,请问下它有没有怀孕啊? 怎样让仓鼠交配呢我的两只鼠鼠,我是分开养的,现在母的都六七个月了,想让它们交配,可是我把母的放进公的笼子里两个一见面就打,我只好赶紧分开.没有受伤,可是母的一直大声叫.该怎么办 仓鼠 如何交配我家鼠鼠最近公的总是把母的扑倒在地,然后舔她肚子或者嘴,母的就叫,好像仓鼠交配不是这个样子的吧,是不是打架?但是平常不打架啊,还有个问题就是母的仓鼠现在越来越胖,