My father will come back home ______(在.末端)this month. Au 是金属元素,易失电子,可以它原子排布最后一排是7,易得电子,使更稳定 --这样不是矛盾了吗?为什么?Au到底是易得电子,还是易失电子啊:判断理由.说得好+100分 Wagner-ian是什么意思?中文译成什么?和音乐有关的 关于have to/must be与don't have to/can't behave to与must bedon't have to与can't be的意思一样,在使用过程中有何区别 关于how和what的感叹句的选择题26.______ it took you to finish the work!A.What much time B.What a lot of time C.How long time D.How lots of time如果用how怎么改? My father will come back in a week .同义句转换( )( )a week ()my father comes back. 选择并用其适当形式填空:aren it,are,is,isn it,am,these,this,not.( )she Marina?Is( )your bike?( )you Kumiko?No,I( )not.I( )HanMei.I am Chinese!Are ( ) your books?---Yes,they are.( )you a student?——No,I ( ) not. 姐妹带翻译的英文网名 请问一下省略号用英语怎么读啊比如一句话是这样的We say too...for somebody/something to do something我听别人好像把那个省略号读成布拉布拉,不知道这个单词是什么呢, It was her giggling that drew my attention.Note taking really wasnt all that funny. be impressed with/be impressed by有什么不一样吗? I am not as tall as your sister,aren’t I?这句话对吗 姐妹带英语的网名 鲸鱼搁浅的原因 【英语阅读】 A year ago,I paid no attention to English idioms (习惯用语),though my teacher saidA year ago,I paid no attention to English idioms (习惯用语),though my teacher said that they were important.One day,I happened to meet an Eng meaning of life为题,一篇英语作文,大学水平 为什么英语中的 Is this baby your cousin?回答要用it 以the internet should be censored为题 写一篇口语材料 3到4分钟这个礼拜5之前要啊 大哥大姐们帮下忙啊 文章中要提到最少3个好处 如果好的话到时候我再追加分啊 以how to be healthy为题目,写一篇大约70字作文, He talked at the top of his voice,______ he drew noboby's attention.a.instead c.yet d.though 选那个? Meaning of Life 生命的意义 英语作文 英语翻译have a little to much to drink怎么翻译? do you know anything about the players of our school football team Do you know anything about the players of our school football team?Yes.They are ( ) young boys between the age of thirteen and fifteen.A most B mostly C almost D at most我知道选B, 省略号的英语怎么说 the teacher asked us to stand to attention,with our hands behind. 1998年我国发生特大特大洪涝灾害,约有24万人缺乏生活所需(1)如果平均每人每天需要饮用水1.4升、灾民每天需要饮用水多少立方米?如果饮用纯净水,大约需要纯净水多少件?(每件纯净水24瓶 This drink is a little _____ to me.A:strongly B:strong C:so strong D:too much strong My favorite food is eggpiant and green beans的意思及问句快 Mary's never late for school.'s 是is 还是 has 船舶系泊阶段,即下水后,如何进行有效的船体保护,免受杂散电缆的影响,引起电化学腐蚀? My father will come back _ of this month A.inthe end the end the end D.on the endMy grandpa _(be)70 years old next year.Tomorrow _(be) Saturday. 同义句转换:1.i have too little water to drink.i () have () water to drink 表示穿衣服的 in 和 with有什么区别? 用什么动物来形容我国古代的英雄 yes,what a heavy snow!you know ,i_________quite often here during the winter.A、snows B、is snowing I walked out of the cinema,______ I'd never come back to this hell of a place.A.determining B.determined determine D.determine我选的是B,答案为什么是A,我以前做过类似的也选B.请说明原因, She play sports every day my favorite food is apple可以吗请尽快回答, 古代形容动物叫声,如:虎啸,狼嚎,鹿( )鹿是什么?RT 在船壳上加锌块构成原电池负极,从而保护船体不被腐蚀?但是锌不是会生成致密的氧化膜而阻止反应么?为什么还可以保护铁? The baby lion is She play sports every day 怎么改错 in和with的区别I will see you in a week 与 I will see you within a week请问 in a week ,within a week 有什么区别这两句话是一个意思吗 怎样描写我的同桌要举列说明是女的,并且是四百字的作文,回答正确,还有额外的奖励!30日之内哦! 英语作文To be a healthy child 80字. 张玲和徐燕练习查字典,张玲12分钟查了48个字,徐燕14分钟查了70个字1.张玲和徐燕练习查字典的时间比是( ),比值是( ).2.张玲和徐燕练习查字典的数量比是( ) ,比值是( ).3 .张玲和徐燕练 baby,the,jumping,is,kangaroo?连词成句 with in by 在表示用的时候有什么区别,比如用脚走路,用哪个 还有have to 的用法 英语省略号“英语中,省略号是在行底”是什么意思?举个例子? have to的否定形式和疑问句形式分别是? 英语翻译While SOEs are,in principle,subordinate to either central or local government,the pressure to maintain profitability can at times provide an incentive for SOEs to define China's interests narrowly in contrast to the more extensive agenda I have so many memories of China to take with me.意思其中 take with with,in,by都表示方式,有什么区别请多举几个例子,特别是常考的, how to be healthy(急)以How to be healthy 为题,写一篇短文,字数60左右 英语中省略号是…还是……? 英语翻译Can you hear whispers in darkness?On the side which Scarlet Doom comes,thousands of cities will burn... you have so many antiques and chinese paintings have,are they genuine的翻译是? 带英文的姐妹网名d带颜.玥.晴三个字 省略号后面要打句号么?"如果你是他,或许……",这个句子我已经讲完了,那省略号后面还要加句号么? Write down your mistakes in your note-book.don,t forget 合并为一句话 英语翻译1 等我坐上火车后 我会联系你 / 会发短信给你2 我女友还在等我,所以今天就先到这吧,改天再聊,我请你吃饭 3 在代理购票点买车票,比在火车站买车票,有什么好处?4 我这么做,对我有 l will tell him the good news ___ he omes soon as B.where C.even though D.if选什么.最好把翻译写上, 谁能帮我翻译Richard Robinson这个人名? 一段话的结尾处有省略号的后面还用加句号吗 Don't forget()(write) your name on the card. 如何判断元素的最高价和最低价?结合元素周期表 your coat is fun和your coat is funny有什么区别?我知道后者是滑稽的意思 用英语签评richard cory,好点的啊!~ 鲸鱼为谁么会搁浅集体死亡 人们怎样挽救的呢bangbang The rain is very heavy.(改为感叹句)____ ____ the rain is! 如何求元素的最高价和最低价?嗯.每个人的说法都不一样.想得到一个准确点的答案. you will come back,right? 谁有Richard Cory(by Edward Arlington Robinson)的翻译? with、by、through 通过的区别这三个词我看到一次就混淆一次,怎么区分呢?请说详细明白一点 How to be a healthy child?英语作文 cover with和cover by的区别The pathway was completely covered by the dense foliage.这里cover表隐藏,掩住,by引导媒介。The field is covered with snow.这里cover表盖住,被动语态。不太清楚这个区别。 关于The colour of life的英语作文 初一上学期的水平的,简单点50个字 Richard Cory 歌词 鲸鱼搁浅为什么会死 轮船上加锌来保护轮船不被腐蚀是采用了牺牲阳极阴极保护法吗? By和WITH的区别 so have u ever fingered if so how many fingers can u fit up there 求人翻译 啥意思了 坐等回答 in 和with的区别好像都是用的意思,比如说用英语,是用哪个单词?那么怎么提高语感呢?另外有什么好的外国群聊软件吗? 介词with by in through on用法辨析他们有的表示用.....方式 用......东西 区别在哪里 请问live your dream的live是什么意思? Tomatoes are my favourite food .和My favourite food is tomatoes.这两句话对吗 baby,seven,old,is,the,months(连词成句)急啊啊啊啊啊啊啊~ My favourite food ______ pork and tomatoes.My favourite food ______ tomatoes and pork.请问上面的空格中应该填写哪个be动词?有什么语法规律?不懂的请绕道. 给我讲讲by with in through use 的不同和用处 never too old to live your dream 求英语作文the color of my life, 连词成句:baby the jumping is kangaroo(?) 注意:是问号.(第一个连词成句:baby the jumping is kangaroo(?)注意:是问号.(第一个答对的采纳) ( )3.Tomatoes my favourite food.A.are don't have to等于什么RTdon't have to等于////needn't to 还是don't need to? Live Your Dream 歌词 谁能给我写一篇叫《The Colour Of My Life》的英语作文.200字左右. 英语翻译 我们希望将罪犯早日绳之以法.(bring … to justice) 介绍一下Richard Wagner? 以must 开头的疑问句,否定回答是 needn't,don't have to可以吗? 翻译 live your dreamscape德芙心声里的~错了,是live your dreams